October, 2009

  • Jakub@Work

    Service Manager 2010 Beta 2 Released


    We released our public Beta 2 on Friday and are busy making progress toward our RTM early next year. This is a fully public, feature complete Beta available on the Microsoft Connect site. The email sent from the Connect site to subscribers:

    The Service Manager team is very pleased to announce that Beta-2 for Service Manager 2010 is now available for download from connect. Details and links are below.


    To download, simply go to the Service Manager site on Connect www.connect.microsoft.com. Once you have successfully signed in, click the Downloads link, click Service Manager Beta-2 and then select all of the following files on the download details page:

    · SMCDImage_amd64.exe

    · SMCDImage_x86.exe (32 bit console)

    · InstallOMMPs.exe

    · AuthoringTool.exe (authoring console)

    · SM_B2_Public.zip

    Click download to begin the download process. Once the files have successfully downloaded, please be sure to read the release notes before installing the product as they contain some important information about the release

    You can also use the public forums for feedback and support, link below

    Please read the “Preparing for Service Manager Deployment” section of the Installation and Configuration Guide for step-by-step guidance on how to install and configure the product.

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