September, 2008

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    the empire at star west

    If you only attend one conference on testing, I recommend STAR (East or West). It remains the biggest conference and trade show in the industry and all the best speakers are on their keynote circuit. Unfortunately, I am going to miss next week’s event...
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    the future of software testing (part 6)

    Testing Culture A couple of months ago I attended a lecture given by one of the Empire’s cache of Technical Fellows (maybe he was a Distinguished Engineer, I am not sure as they look so much alike). Like all our TFs the guy was wicked smart and as...
  • JW on Test

    the future of software testing (part 5)

    Visualization What does software look like? Wouldn’t it be helpful if we had a visualization of software that we could use while the software was being constructed or tested? With a single glance we could see that parts of it remain unfinished. Dependencies...
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    on certification

    How do you feel about tester certification? I’ve heard all the arguments for and against and looked at the different certifications and their requirements. Frankly, I have not been impressed. My employer doesn’t seem impressed either. I have yet to meet...
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    the future of software testing (part 4)

    Moving Testing Forward There is a gap that exists in testing that is eating away at quality, productivity, and the general manageability of the entire development lifecycle. It is the gap between when a bug is created and when that same bug is detected...
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    the manual v. automated testing debate

    There's an angle to this debate that I missed during the prevention v. cure series I did last month. It surfaced in a lunchtime conversation I had today with two test managers in our e-home division (these are the guys that test the Media Center PC and...
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    the future of software testing (part 3)

    So we are now at my third prediction which deals with information and how testers will use information to improve their testing in the future. Prediction 1: Testsourcing Prediction 2: Virtualization Prediction 3: Information What information...
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