October, 2008

  • JW on Test

    manual v. automated testing again

    In my Future series I was accused of supporting both sides of the manual v. automated debate and flip-flopping like an American politician who can’t decide whether to kiss the babies or their moms. Clearly this is not an either-or proposition. But I wanted...
  • JW on Test

    speaking of Google ...

    Actually, it is more like speaking at Google as I am headed to GTAC tomorrow to give the newest version of my Future of Testing talk. Hope to see you there. I’ve received tons of feedback on my blog posts about the future. So much so that I spent most...
  • JW on Test

    the future of software testing (part 8)

    Testing Beyond Release This is the final part of my series on the future of testing. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. For this post I’ve saved what might be one of the more controversial of my predictions: namely that in the future we will ship test code...
  • JW on Test

    the future of software testing (part 7)

    Testers as Designers Modern testers play largely a role of late cycle heroics that often goes unappreciated come review and bonus time. When we find the big bug it is because we were supposed to … that’s the expectation. When we miss the big bug, people...
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