January, 2009

  • JW on Test

    more about test case reuse

    We mostly write test cases that are specifically tied to a single application. This shouldn’t come as any big surprise given that we’ve never expected test cases to have any value outside our immediate team. But if we want to complete the picture of reusable...
  • JW on Test

    test case reuse (in the future)

    I’ve given my ‘future of testing’ talk four times (!) this week and by far the part that generates the most questions is when I prophesize about test case reuse. Given that I answered it differently all four times (sigh), I want to use this space to clarify...
  • JW on Test

    explaining exploratory testing

    I just got finished talking (actually the conversation was more like a debate) to a colleague, exploratory testing critic and a charter member of the plan-first-or-don’t-bother-testing-at-all society. I am happy to say, he conceded the usefulness ...
  • JW on Test

    the Zune issue

    As you can imagine there is a pretty lively debate going on over the Zune date math issue here in the hallways and on our internal mailing lists. There are plenty of places one can find analyses of the bug itself, like here , but I am more interested...
  • JW on Test

    new year's resolutions

    Welcome to the new year! 2009 will be the year I publish a new book on testing and the year I ship my first testing tool since Holodeck oh so many years ago. I’m thinking about calling the book exploratory testing . Believe it or not the title isn...
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