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July, 2005

  • James World

    Common Table Expressions in SQL Server 2005 ROCK!!!

    I've been taking a look at a new feature in SQL Server 2005 called "Common Table Expressions" (hereafter CTEs). This is an extra-ordinally powerful extenstion to Transact SQL that removes the need for managing temporary tables in many common scenarios...
  • James World

    Encrypting Data In SQL Server 2005

    I've been looking at the new encryption functionality in SQL Server 2005. Here's some sql that executes on IDW15 - June CTP (most of it should work on IDW14 - April CTP apart from DecryptByKeyAutoCert I think... This sample code sets up a database...
  • James World

    New InternalsVisibleTo attribute in .NET 2.0

    I discovered a cool new attribute in .NET 2.0 called "InternalsVisibleTo". This takes an assembly name and public key token and grants it access to the assembly internals. One cool application I can think of is that you no longer have to place your...
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