September, 2007

  • A Taste of Logic

    Running ASP.NET in a Shared Hosting Environment

    I was recently working on an issue with a large international hosting company. This company hosts many websites in a shared hosting environment, and one of their customers had uploaded a page that performed some tasks using ASP.NET that greatly concerned...
  • A Taste of Logic

    Automating aspnet_compiler in Visual Web Developer

    Visual Studio has a cool user interface for publishing a website using the Publish Web Site dialog, accessible by selecting Build, Publish Web Site. You can use this dialog to pre-compile your website and avoid having to deploy source code. Visual Web...
  • A Taste of Logic

    ASP.NET Version Madness

    With the impending release of Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2008, along with the .NET Framework 3.5, there is a bit of confusion around version numbers for ASP.NET. Before I get too far into this, let me just say right now that this post...
  • A Taste of Logic

    Why don't my .NET Framework patches install?

    I recently worked an issue with a customer who was rolling out some patches to over 50,000 computers across his enterprise using SMS. SMS reported that the patches successfully installed on all workstations, but my customer noticed a strange anomoly that...
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