January, 2008

  • A Taste of Logic

    The Power of !dumpmodule

    Scenario: My customer is experiencing a hang and I see many threads with an identical stack. I also see that the customer has one thread that is running a component that is an OCX. What I want to find out is whether that component is referenced in the...
  • A Taste of Logic

    Cool Things You Can Do with AppCMD in IIS 7

    If you haven't had a chance yet to mess around with IIS 7, you should take the time. One of the changes that will impact everyone is configuration. Not only have we changed where configuration settings are stored, but we've also released a very cool command...
  • A Taste of Logic

    Update on Slow Startup Fix

    A while back, I wrote a post regarding slow startup of ASP.NET 2.0 applications due to a lookup on a bad account. The hotfix for that issue is now available. The KB number is 944157. You can get the fix by calling PSS or by using our online automated...
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