I flew down to L.A. this morning and arrived at the convention center this afternoon.  I broke out the video camera and started taping a few things.  I’ll try to edit the video post-PDC and post it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  I’m officially classified as “staff” for this event since I share responsibility for the PDC labs effort.  


The Big Room at the PDC is very cool.  I love the fact that the labs area, Commnet area, and speaker lounges are all in one room.   The 650 machines in the HOL area are being imaged this afternoon/evening and tomorrow morning we will start testing some of the labs.  I get chills just looking around the big room and seeing how this is coming together.  This PDC will be freakin awesome! 


I also stopped by the store area.  They have some cool stuff this year.  But what I was really looking for is a new book that I co-authored for Sams Publishing.  You can find more information about the book on Sams site or on Amazon on Wednesday.   These links will be dead until then.   BTW, I hope you like the color orange.  J