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February, 2007

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    DinnerNow version 1.2 - Now available

    Today we released an updated version of the DinnerNow sample on CodePlex. The new version includes several bug fixes and a few enhancements. Most of the bug fixes are related to the setup/configuration process. You can download the new version at http...
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    Go to Web School - Mix University

    The Web/Live team in Developer & Platform Evangelism has been working on building some new labs, demos, and videos for various web technologies such as the Ajax extensions, RSS, Virtual Earth, and Media Center. This content is available on the Mix...
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    Come and get it while it's hot - DinnerNow.net 1.1 Released

    It seems like it was just yesterday when I blogged about releasing the first version of the DinnerNow sample application.... wait, it was yesterday . :) Today David and Johnny fixed some issues with the Dependency Checker in the DinnerNow package and...
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    Get DinnerNow

    For the last few months our evangelism team has been working on a sample application named DinnerNow.net. Basically, the sample focuses on the scenario of ordering food from various restaurants from an online marketplace. While the scenario sounds simple...
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