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March, 2007

  • James Finnigan

    UAC UI on oldnewthing - what the colors mean

    I mentioned recently that I was the new owner of the UAC UI (from the dev side). Well, today I found that Raymond Chen's blog has brought up the topic of what the colors mean. I hadn't even really noticed that the dialogs changed much before taking ownership...
  • James Finnigan

    Flat Solution Explorer

    Here's a great tool for folks that use Visual Studio with large projects - it gives you a flat view of all the files in your solution. Quick word-wheeling allows you to filter down to a set of files and get at exactly what you're interested in. It's now...
  • James Finnigan

    New Beginnings...

    I've moved onto the Windows Experience team. It should a lot of fun to continue to follow Guided Help, and some of my other projects but my emphasis now is on the Windows Experience - things like explorer and the like. I'm also the new owner of the LUA...
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