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  • Blog Post: Microsoft CES website - Group Shot pictures

    Here's Microsoft's CES website. There's a ton of interesting stuff on here. The one that will probably impact me the most is Group Shot . Not that the rest isn't incredibly cool, it's just that I have the groupshot problem a lot . :) These two images becomes combined (source can be seen bottom left)...
  • Blog Post: Photosynth is LIVE!

    I talked about this cool service a little while ago - it's really cool. From the videos , it's really exciting. But even more exciting is that it's now live ! Photosynth is a great way to do internet tourism, as well as ... well, it's hard to explain exactly, but one picture can put you back in that...
  • Blog Post: Google emails a worm

    Hey, Apple gets to ship worms , it's only fitting that Google emails them . I only wish Microsoft hadn't done a similar thing a long time ago (but at least it was a long time ago). How often does this happen?!?
  • Blog Post: SysInternals TechCenter Launched

    I've been curious to see what would happen with all the sysinternals stuff since coming to Microsoft - after only a brief stint in limbo the sysinternals techcenter has been launched. There are 3 sites and some updated (and one new) tools that are part of the offering, and some content from an internal...
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