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  • Blog Post: OldNewThing - Raymond Chen's new *Book*

    Okay, I changed my mind, I wrote a book after all Back in 1993, I wrote that I'm doing this instead of writing a book . That was true then, but last year I decided to give this book thing another go, only to find that publishers generally aren't interested in this stuff any more. ...
  • Blog Post: Photo Album Publishing - Why print photos when you can print a book?

    Did you know that you can print custom books now? I can easily and cheaply create my own book with mypublisher . It's no quark (what most real publishers use), but it's cheap, easy and good enough. For what I want to do, it looks like the right level of flexibility. I love products like mypublisher and...
  • Blog Post: Christmas Camera Shopping Technique and Recommendation

    I've been thinking about good point and click cameras lately, and I'm a big fan of the Ricoh Caplio R4 . I've played with it myself, and enjoyed some great pictures of flowers from it. But I was recently looking at a report of the most popular cameras on flickr , and noticed that you could see pictures...
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