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  • Blog Post: Hyper-V review

    The hypervisor support in Server 2008 is now out in beta and it's great to see the product hitting the street.  Virtualization is a huge change for the industry that can do a lot for everyone from data-centers to software houses, to people who just want to be able to run programs without worrying...
  • Blog Post: The best way to make UAC shut up for a while

    Let's say you want to install a few things and want UAC to stop bugging you while you install them. Should you turn off UAC and install the apps? Since that disables UAC's virtualization, it can destabilize things that depend on data written to those virtual locations. Here's an alternative that keeps...
  • Blog Post: Virtual PC 2007: Released, as free download

    How cool is that - we're releasing Virtual PC 2007 as a free download . Why should you care? Here's the things I've found Virtual PC to be useful for: Putting a working server/client/multitier configuration on a laptop for demoing Testing/debugging setup for RegNamespace (the undo disks are a godsend...
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