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  • Blog Post: Using WMIC to check for predicted disk failure (S.M.A.R.T. analysis)

    I was looking at the Windows Vista Reliability and Performance Monitor and noticed that the data collector sets for System Diagnostics included a SMART disk check. I've been waiting for Windows to make better use of SMART and hadn't noticed that there was a WMI entry for it . I took a look at it in WMIC...
  • Blog Post: WMI Folder - codeplex project

    Well, I've put the WMI folder code up on codeplex . Please remember that this code is very much pre-alpha. I think that this will be a good way to share the code, allow others to contribute, etc. If it works well, then I will probably create codeplex projects for some of the other things that I'm putting...
  • Blog Post: WMI Shell Folder GetDisplayNameOf - untangling the flags

    So I have a bit of a beef with GetDisplayNameOf - I don't like the flags. I understand that when it was created, the flexibility of flags made a ton of sense. It wasn't well understood what potentially wildly different uses might be needed, and flags are a good alternative to a giant enumeration. But...
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