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June, 2004

  • James @ MS

    Visual Studio IDE Team Blog

    BTW, in case you don't already know: we have started an IDE team blog. You can go to http://blogs.msdn.com/vside/ to read it. I hope more people from my team will post to it soon. The feedback you give on that blog will be sent to the entire team. Feel...
  • James @ MS

    Registration Benefits

    Thanks for your feedback on registration. I have heard a variety of feedback, ranging from: “Hell no, I won't register even if you shoot me.” to “Let me know what I will get from it and I will register.” In Whidbey, we are...
  • James @ MS

    Are you going to register your copy of Visual Studio?

    Dear Customers, I have a question for all of you: why do you register Visual Studio? We are currently crafting the registration experience for you in Whidbey. In the past, you were asked to register the product at the end of setup for one time only...
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