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February, 2008

  • James @ MS

    Launch event wrapping up

    I just finished with my Chalk Talk session , and the launch event is winding down. Folks are heading over to the Launch party at 7 pm, but I will be flying home tonight. My session went well. Typically, chalk talks don't get much attendance, and I was...
  • James @ MS

    Introducing Visual Studio Gallery

    If you missed Soma's blog post from this morning, we are launching the Visual Studio Gallery today. This is the one-stop shop where you can find all the Visual Studio extensions to install, and you can also publish your own Visual Studio extensions to...
  • James @ MS

    HEROES happen {here}

    I am in L.A. today and tomorrow, to attend and speak at the Visual Studio, SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 launch event. I feel very lucky to be able to participate in this historical event. This launch wave is the largest one ever for any developer...
  • James @ MS

    Bill Gates visits University of Waterloo

    Not that this has anything to do with VSX directly, but I came across a news bit about Bill visiting my alma mater earlier today. You can view more photos and read more about his visit here . Personally, I think he looks pretty good in the U of Waterloo...
  • James @ MS

    Upgrading VS 2005 Packages to VS 2008: A more Advanced Guide

    Since I made the last blog post on upgrading , I have received some good feedback that it was useful for basic scenarios. Unfortunately, there are some scenarios that sometimes the steps that I presented didn't work because of hard dependency on Microsoft...
  • James @ MS

    Upcoming Book on VSX

    I got pinged by Keyvan today. He and I have never met before, but he told me that he is in the process of writing a book on VSX, and would like our team to review it. My response is: OF COURSE! It's awesome to see that there are developers in the VSX...
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