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July, 2005

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    JAOO, 2005

    I have been to many conferences over the years. Lately I have been attending mostly Microsoft related events like TechEd and PDC. However, these conferences don't have a strong focus on software engineering and methods. The best conference that I know...
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    NUnit Converter V0.5

    I have released V0.5. You can get it here . Due to the feedback I received from Scott Densmore this new version has support for files contained in folders within a project and a number of other bugs he and Brian Button found when converting the tests...
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    Article: Unit Testing in .NET Projects

    From Peli's Blog... Unit Testing in .NET Projects by Jay Flowers and Andrew Stopford -- The article describes how to use features in NUnit, MbUnit, and Visual Studio's new integrated unit testing.
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    From Brad Wilson (The .NET Guy) Italicize the ones you've seen and Bold the ones you actually liked. I was surprised by how many of these I had seen. I had to go to #42 "Rush Hour 2" before I missed one and I only missed 6 out of the 100. I guess it figures...
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    NUnit Converter V0.4

    I was talking with Scott Densmore and Brian Button who are busy converting the tests in Enterprise Library to use Visual Studio 2005 Team System and they mentioned that they would like to have the converter convert all the files that are contained in...
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    NUnit Converter V0.3

    There is a new version (0.3) of the converter in the GotDotNet workspace. Click here to download. This version adds support for VB.NET and fixes a few bugs that I discovered as I did more extensive acceptance testing. I have done much more acceptance...
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