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December, 2005

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    NUnit Converter V1.0 RC1

    The first Release Candidate of the NUnit Converter has been uploaded to the GotDotNet workspace. It supports the following: NUnit 2.1 and 2.2 Visual Studio 2005 Team System - Released Version Developer Suite Team Suite Guidance Automation...
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    patterns & practices Summit - Sydney

    The patterns & practices summit in Redmond is finishing up today. I did a talk yesterday for the first time which was titled "Evolving to Patterns". In the past I have found Design Patterns talks less than inspiring. They tend to be just a presentation...
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    Guidance Automation Toolkit Released

    The December CTP of the Guidance Automation Toolkit has been released. This version works with Visual Studio 2005. You can download the latest here . I will be releasing a version of the NUnit Converter probably sometime tomorrow (Thursday - 15 December...
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