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May, 2006

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    CodePlex Discussions at TechEd Boston

    I will be attending TechEd in Boston in June. If you have questions about CodePlex ( http://codeplex.com ) or ideas on what we need to do to improve I would like to talk with you. As it gets closer I will be setting up some specific times and a place...
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    ARC 206 - Evolving to Patterns at TechEd

    I will be in Boston for TechEd in June to present a talk about design patterns and (IMO) how best to use them in your everyday development. In the past I have found design patterns talks less than inspiring. They tend to be just a presentation of a catalog...
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    CodePlex – New Project Creation

    Since we went live 2 weeks ago we have received over 100 new project creation requests. The vast majority of these requests are really great projects and we would be thrilled to host the projects. However, we are still in beta and I would ask for your...
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    Will CodePlex replace GotDotNet Workspaces?

    In the short-term, the answer is no. The CodePlex team is focused on making this site the best place for developers to collaborate on community projects, not eliminating GotDotNet Workspaces. GotDotNet Workspaces serves over 8000 projects and migrating...
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    CodePlex.com Beta

    Over 13 months ago (April 4, 2005 in fact) I posted something on my blog that I was leaving the patterns & practices team. Since that time we assembled a team of people and in turn built a community site for developers to innovate and participate...
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