Last week on Wednesday we deployed Version of the CodePlex software. The version number as you could probably figure out represents the day of the week that we produced the build, in this case 9 June, 2006. After that date we did a full regression test, deployed the software to a staging environment which closely matches the production environment, verified it again and then deployed it to the production servers.


There is still much work going on the project. We are prepping for a mid-July deployment which will include improvements in the RSS Feeds as well as a reasonably large number of bugs. Stay tuned to the CodePlex Information and Discussion page for details on the specific content of the next deployment.


Feedback is critical for us to make proper prioritizations with regard to the issues. I appreciate that it is early and not many of you have been able to create projects like you have wished. We are working on getting the site opened up for all projects who wish to participate on the site.


Lastly, I would also like to introduce the CodePlex Team Blog. I will be doing most of my posting with regard to CodePlex on the new blog along with the rest of the team.