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September, 2006

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    Pondering TDD in Microsoft .NET, Second Edition

    I have been getting asked quite a bit lately about updating the Test-Driven Development book. A number of things have changed since the book was published. Among them is .NET 2.0 has shipped, Visual Studio Team System has an integrated unit testing tool...
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    The CodePlex Team and the patterns & practices Summit

    The CodePlex team will be well represented (in fact you might get sick of us) at the patterns & practices Summit in Redmond, WA - October 9-12, 2006 . We will be presenting or co-presenting the following sessions: Application Frameworks in IT - Jonathan...
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    Tags, Tags, and more Tags...

    We updated the CodePlex software today and added a new feature or two. The main feature that is being deployed today is tagging. We thought that as the number of projects grew we needed a way to categorize the projects (it was also one of the most requested...
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