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  • Blog Post: The CodePlex Team and the patterns & practices Summit

    The CodePlex team will be well represented again at the patterns & practices Summit in Redmond, WA - November 5-9, 2007 . We will be presenting or co-presenting the following sessions: "Yet Another Talk on Agility" - Brad Wilson and Peter Provost Dependency Injection Frameworks - Brad Wilson...
  • Blog Post: xUnit Test Patterns and Better Software Development for Agile Teams

    These two books were recently published by Addison-Wesley. For a blog post on each book see the following on my new blog: xUnit Test Patterns by Gerard Meszaros Better Software Development for Agile Teams by Will Stott and James Newkirk If you have any questions please let me know. Will and...
  • Blog Post: Moving Day

    I have decided for a number of reasons to move my blog to a new address. The new address is http://jamesnewkirk.typepad.com . For a few posts I will be cross-posting but about a month from now I will be at the new address exclusively. Please join me at my new blog home.
  • Blog Post: How to make sense of Code Coverage metrics

    (co-authored with Brad Wilson ) Even since the release of Visual Studio Team System 2005 with easy to use code coverage tools, people inside (and outside) of Microsoft have been talking about what it means. The most common approach we've seen is for a team leader to mandate a minimum code coverage number...
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