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  • Blog Post: ExpectedException considered harmful!

    I have written a blog post detailing the issues that I have with ExpectedException. Also, I am not just complaining, I have ported in a sense the Assert.Throws method that Brad and I wrote for xUnit.net to make it work in NUnit and the testing tool in Visual Studio Team System. You can read about it...
  • Blog Post: xUnit.net v1.0 Released

    We released xUnit.net 1.0 today! Download , blog post .
  • Blog Post: xUnit.net v1.0(RC2) Released

    Brad Wilson and I released xUnit.net v1.0(RC2) today. Brad has the details on his blog . You can download the release on CodePlex here .
  • Blog Post: The CodePlex Team and the patterns & practices Summit

    The CodePlex team will be well represented again at the patterns & practices Summit in Redmond, WA - November 5-9, 2007 . We will be presenting or co-presenting the following sessions: "Yet Another Talk on Agility" - Brad Wilson and Peter Provost Dependency Injection Frameworks - Brad Wilson...
  • Blog Post: Announcing xUnit.net

    I have just blogged about a new testing framework that Brad Wilson and I have developed. Click here for details.
  • Blog Post: Why you should not use Setup and Teardown in NUnit

    I just posted my thoughts about Setup and Teardown at my new blog home. Click here .
  • Blog Post: xUnit Test Patterns and Better Software Development for Agile Teams

    These two books were recently published by Addison-Wesley. For a blog post on each book see the following on my new blog: xUnit Test Patterns by Gerard Meszaros Better Software Development for Agile Teams by Will Stott and James Newkirk If you have any questions please let me know. Will and...
  • Blog Post: Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET Supplemental Material

    Due to the closing of GotDotNet I have moved the supplemental material (sample chapter and source code) to here . If you have any questions please let me know.
  • Blog Post: Moving Day

    I have decided for a number of reasons to move my blog to a new address. The new address is http://jamesnewkirk.typepad.com . For a few posts I will be cross-posting but about a month from now I will be at the new address exclusively. Please join me at my new blog home.
  • Blog Post: How to make sense of Code Coverage metrics

    (co-authored with Brad Wilson ) Even since the release of Visual Studio Team System 2005 with easy to use code coverage tools, people inside (and outside) of Microsoft have been talking about what it means. The most common approach we've seen is for a team leader to mandate a minimum code coverage number...
  • Blog Post: CodePlex is Hiring

    Would you like to work on the CodePlex project? Now is your chance to participate in the further development of the website. The CodePlex team has an open web developer position. For details click here .
  • Blog Post: IEEE Software Special Issue on Test-Driven Development

    There will be a special issue of IEEE Software focusing on Test-Driven Development. The submission deadline is December 1, 2006. Clieck here for details.
  • Blog Post: The CodePlex Team and the patterns & practices Summit

    The CodePlex team will be well represented (in fact you might get sick of us) at the patterns & practices Summit in Redmond, WA - October 9-12, 2006 . We will be presenting or co-presenting the following sessions: Application Frameworks in IT - Jonathan Wanagel Dependency Injection Architecture ...
  • Blog Post: Pondering TDD in Microsoft .NET, Second Edition

    I have been getting asked quite a bit lately about updating the Test-Driven Development book. A number of things have changed since the book was published. Among them is .NET 2.0 has shipped, Visual Studio Team System has an integrated unit testing tool, and most important of all there has been a great...
  • Blog Post: ARC 206 - Evolving to Patterns at TechEd

    I will be in Boston for TechEd in June to present a talk about design patterns and (IMO) how best to use them in your everyday development. In the past I have found design patterns talks less than inspiring. They tend to be just a presentation of a catalog. The approach that I take this time is to talk...
  • Blog Post: New Job Opening in Community/Collaborative Development

    Do you want to work on an Agile development team at Microsoft? Here's your chance. We are currently looking for a software development engineer to work on the premier collaborative software development platform for the .NET developer community. You will be helping us build a suite of on-line services...
  • Blog Post: PDC05 Sessions

    I will be in Los Angeles next week (September 13-16, 2005). On Wednesday (September 14) and Thursday (September 15) I will be in the Product Pavilion at the GotDotNet station. I don't have specific times in which I will be there but if you let me know a time I will be sure to be there. If you get...
  • Blog Post: JAOO, 2005

    I have been to many conferences over the years. Lately I have been attending mostly Microsoft related events like TechEd and PDC. However, these conferences don't have a strong focus on software engineering and methods. The best conference that I know of for software engineering and methods related talks...
  • Blog Post: NUnit Converter V0.5

    I have released V0.5. You can get it here . Due to the feedback I received from Scott Densmore this new version has support for files contained in folders within a project and a number of other bugs he and Brian Button found when converting the tests in Enterprise Library. The other feature that was...
  • Blog Post: Article: Unit Testing in .NET Projects

    From Peli's Blog... Unit Testing in .NET Projects by Jay Flowers and Andrew Stopford -- The article describes how to use features in NUnit, MbUnit, and Visual Studio's new integrated unit testing.
  • Blog Post: NUnit Converter V0.4

    I was talking with Scott Densmore and Brian Button who are busy converting the tests in Enterprise Library to use Visual Studio 2005 Team System and they mentioned that they would like to have the converter convert all the files that are contained in a project. The early versions worked on single files...
  • Blog Post: NUnit Converter V0.3

    There is a new version (0.3) of the converter in the GotDotNet workspace. Click here to download. This version adds support for VB.NET and fixes a few bugs that I discovered as I did more extensive acceptance testing. I have done much more acceptance testing with C# conversion because I have a lot...
  • Blog Post: NUnit Tests and Visual Studio 2005 Team System

    In addition to GotDotNet workspaces V2 I have been busy on the testing front. A number of customers have started looking at the new testing tool in Visual Studio 2005 Team System. One of the first questions that comes to mind is what am I going to do with the tests I’ve written in NUnit. Well, I have...
  • Blog Post: Bookmarks - A major refactoring

    In a previous post I wrote about changing the interface that the Bookmarks class would implement from IDictionary to ICollection<Bookmark>. In order to do this I want to look at the test list and see if there are any new tests or tests that we had planned on that are no longer needed. Here is the...
  • Blog Post: patterns & practices - Enterprise Library and Pattern Share

    It's been awhile but I have been pretty busy. I know both of these were delivered yesterday (28 January 2005) but I wanted to alert you to two new items from the patterns & practices team if you have not already heard. The first one is Enterprise Library. Enterprise Library is a collection of seven...
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