One of my MDC responsibilities is to decide what sessions we have and then to find speakers to fill those sessions.  This is a responsibility I share with Kevin and Jono.  In the spirit of “divide and conquer“ Kevin, Jono and I have divided the session list up and are taking responsibility for signing up speakers for each of the sessions.  Over the next 6 weeks or so I'll be working with the speakers on their decks and demos to make sure that they're giving you the most useful and relevant information.

This is your chance to give feedback.  If you are coming to MDC, what are you expecting to get out sessions?  Are you looking for theory on features so you can go away and code things up yourself?  Are you looking for demos of developer features?  Are you looking for code snippets that you can reuse?  Are you looking for some live coding “Ori style”?  Post feedback with your opinions so I can give our presenters your steer!

Over the past few days I've begun the process of talking to the speakers about their sessions.  I've been blown away by the enthusiasm from our developers, program managers and testers.  People are literally falling over themselves to present as many sessions as they can.  One If you're looking forward to MDC I assure you that our speakers are looking forward to it as much as you are!

In other news, I still haven't managed to catch the MDC Poster Fairy in action.  I'll keep you posted ...