OK.  It's been a while.  Yesterday I got a batch of Pocket PCs for some of the speakers to use to do demonstrations in high resolution.  Let me tell you, the screen is stunning :)  I've seen a couple of other new devices about as well.  You'll have to come to MDC where if you're lucky you might just see them!

In the last week we've been doing session reviews.  That's where the speakers put on something like an internal Mobility DevCon so people who work here who can't go to the conference can come along and see the sessions.  There are some TOTALLY awesome demos coming up.  One I particularly liked was David Stewarts messaging demo.  I didn't realize that you could define your own message types and your own view forms.  Combine that with message interception and you have  a totally cool application!

I strongly urge you to come to Greg Keyser and Jason Fuller's orientation and resolution awareness sessions.  I don't say that because I'm speaking in them, don't worry, I only speak for a few minutes!  They've got some REALLY good tips and you might just catch a glimpse of one of those high res screens I spoke about.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.  I'm there for all 5 days including pre and post con.  I'll be in a lot of the Windows Mobile sessions.  Feel free to grab me and say hi.