MEDC and TechEd aren't YET absorbing all my time although they are taking a lot.  Generally outside work I'm into the usual stuff: spending time with my wife, music, movies and snowboarding.  Every few years I get completely hooked on a video game and it's happened again.  Yup.  I'm a Halo 2 addict.  I've been a longtime fan of online games but one of the things I truly love about Halo 2 is the amount of stats available to you from about the games you've played.  I don't know any other game which shows you online things like number of kills, who killed who, how the flag made it back to the base and that sort of thing.

You can my stats on the web at better than that, they made it available as an RSS feed ( which opens up a host of new possibilities.  I haven't seen that many creative apps yet for using and mining this RSS feed but I'm sure there are some out there.  What I thought would be cool was to have this feed on the homescreen of my Smartphone. offer a homescreen plugin for rendering RSS feeds to your homescreen.  Now I can always see what my last three games were :)

My gamertag is Soyale.  Feel free to add me to your Live buddies ... maybe we'll meet online at some point.