Session abstracts ARE LIVE!!!  Almost all of the session details are now published on

A few of you have asked me about the full session schedule for MEDC.  If you've already signed up for MEDC you should have received a mail this weekend asking you to fill out the session preference survey.  The session preference survey enables us to figure out what the most popular sessions are going to be so that we don't schedule very popular sessions against each other.  The session preference survey closes on April 13th.  I'll be working with our speaker manager to have an internal draft of the session schedule finished by April 16th.  Session scheduling is a nightmare and could easily drive a normal person insane.  Imagine trying to schedule 110 sessions over 8 concurrent timeslots over 3 days and making sure that logically people can go to all the sessions they want!  Of course, once you've done it once you spot some sessions that you need to move around and THAT's when the craziness starts because one change usually starts a reaction of session moves.

The internal draft goes to the people who own blocks of sessions just to make sure we have sessions in a sensible order.

Plan is to have the schedule published latest April 22nd, hopefully sooner.