OK.  So first I realize that the color green is not that spectacular when paired with my orange skin.  Fortunately for MEDC we have people with some sense of color co-ordination so everything will look good on site.

I can hardly believe we're at less than T-4 weeks from the conference.  As you might imagine, things are motoring along at a fair old pace.  Here's some of the highlights :

Brand New Blog Discount Code (CAATTAR)

Our last blog discount was so successful we thought we'd offer another one before the Early Bird discount expires.  Currently if you register before April 20th you'll get a special price of $995 which is $200 off the standard registration fee.  If you're one of the first 50 to register before April 20th with the RSVP code CAATTAR you'll get an EXTRA $100 off!

BillG Keynote

Demo preparations are proceeding well.  We're already meeting twice weekly for run throughs and are trying to figure out all the different scenarios where something might go wrong so that we can avoid them!  We're locked on our demo team (Ford, Seth, Neil and Mike) so it's just a question of practice practice practice from here until the day.

The Code Room

I don't know if you've seen "The Code Room" yet (http://www.thecoderoom.com) but it's a reality TV Show based around developers.  We've been working with the production team to produce a new episode in time for MEDC based around Mobile and Embedded technologies.  Four of our intrepid MVPs participated in the new code room challenge this week.  You'll have to wait for the exclusive premier of The Code Room at MEDC to find out how they did but some of them have shared their experiences (Doug Boling, Jim Wilson, Sean Liming and Paul Yao).

Content and Sessions

If you hadn't already visited the content tool, I suggest you do!  Go to http://content.medc2005.com/content/sessions.aspx to see the COMPLETE list of sessions being offered at MEDC US.  That's 150 labs and breakouts across 3 days!  I'll receive most of the draft decks tomorrow - if the speakers are behaving themselves.  We'll then start reviewing the decks and providing feedback to try and create the best quality deck.

The session scheduling process is well underway.  I anticipate we should be able to get that published as planned over the next week.  At that point, if you're registered, you'll be able to start building your onsite agenda.

Microsoft Management Summit

A quick plug for one of our sister conferences!  Microsoft Management Summit is next week in Las Vegas and also at The Mandalay Bay!  Hopefully we'll be able to pick up some tips from them about the usage of the space for MEDC :-)  I'll be down at MMS next week so keep an eye out for me and say hi if you see me!



See you in Vegas!