Yersterday was a strange day.  Lots and lots of stuff arrived yesterday but not much had been setup.  The lab machines were built yesterday but not imaged yet.

Today is a different story, everything is really starting to build out quickly!  When I got here this morning around 9am one of the session rooms was already built out!  Most of the other session rooms have some of the bits in them.  Some have their podiums, some have the chairs, most have their screens up.

The keynote room is coming together.  Right now it's a giant room with tape on the floor marking out where everything goes.  Over the next few hours it's going to turn from a giant empty room into a keynote room with stages and backdrops.  We've been discussing the final details of how many wolfvisions to use (hint : there may be devices in the keynote!).  3 of my 4 keynote demo team have arrived in town.  I'm just waiting to hear from the last one and we should be good to go!  We'll have a short practice today.

Right now, I'm sat in the crew room (where all the crew go and hang out and eat) which is the nerve center for the operation.  Milissa our logistics and operations lead remains calm and as far as I can tell, everything is under control.  We have a team of people stuffing bags so when attendees show up they have the right CDs and data sheets in there.

When I last went in the exhibit  hall, they were just laying the carpet on the floor.  A few of the exhibit stands had been built out already.

Our crack team of slide formatters has got underway.  Our deadline for speakers to drop final slides to us was Friday.  We had 96 of 113 decks dropped which is a pretty decent percentage.  The slide team are now making sure all the slides can easily be read and are formatted consistently to keep it easy on attendees eyes.  They also do things like expand abbreviations that aren't in common use to their proper length.

The cabana infrastructure is up.  We have 3 areas and 6 whiteboards.

I've been in the crew room for a couple of hours ... time to venture out and see how everything has changed.