What a day!  Everything at BillG's keynote went very smoothly.  Our demo team excelled themselves and Bill seemed happy when he came off stage.  You can watch the webcast at : http://www.microsoft.com/events/executives/billgates.mspx

Sessions have been very busy.  I've been surprised by the popularity of some of the sessions.  We really tried to beef up the Enterprise and Business content this year and it's paid off.  I've been pleasantly surprised by the attendance on both tracks.  The Windows CE Lab has been CRAZY.  Based on the session preference survey data we had already doubled the capacity of that room AND repeated the sessions.

We had a huge turnout in the Ask The Experts session last night.  If you were at the session, I hope you were able to get all your questions answered.  The exhibit hall is packed with over 40 exhibitors/sponsors.

A few hundred lucky attendees were at the premiere of The Code Room.  Next Thursday we will have it posted up on www.thecoderoom.com for the rest of the world to watch.  Feedback on the premiere was very positive and there was a huge throng of people arouind our contestants Jim Wilson, Doug Boling, Sean Liming and Mike Hall.  Paul Murphy - creator of The Code Room - was at the premiere with technical host Rory Blyth.

We ended the day with a rehersal for Suzan DelBene's session this morning!  More to come...