Flying.  Lots of flying.  Well at least it seemed as much but only totalled 8 hours or so.  We arrived in Melbourne a 5am on the 19th.  I was disappointed that they didn't have the "fruit and vegetation" sniffer dogs in the customs hall this year.  Last year, I'd been so impressed by a sniffer dog smelling that one of my collegues had cookies which contained orange peel in her bag.  I mean, it IS fruit but heavliy processed.

Scott foolishly ticked the "I have food in my bag" box on the immigration form which singled him out for special treatment.  Special treatment it turns out is that his bag DOESN'T go through the xray scanner on the way out of the baggage hall.  Duly noted.

For some reason, our hotel was very heavily booked.  In fact they claimed 100% occupied.  This wouldn't have been a problem if they had any record of my room.  Fortunately (for me) Robert hadn't arrived yet so they gave me his room.  Unfortunately for Robert who arrived 30 minutes after I did I got the last room.  Since both Robert and I were tired and had both resolved to "get a few hours kip" before doing anything today I offered him a spot in my room to crash until his room became available.  That'll show us for getting in so early in the day.

Predictably, I didn't wake up until late in the day.  Thinking about the jet lag situation, there's no logic to my getting up so late since it wasn't pursuant with any time zone anywhere.  I'm guessing my body has given up keeping track of time zones and just sleeps when it feels like it.

This evening.  Keynote prep.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  The good news is I have the prep time down considerably.  The setup in each room is subtly different but the AV team here were excellent, friendly and weren't tripped up by my collection of random requests :

  1. Can I have a visualizer on the left AND right desk but control it from the right
  2. Can I have a laptop off stage for controlling Peter's speaker notes
  3. Can I set up my own wireless LAN right in the middle of your sensitive AV equipment

Once setup and run through dinner was next on the agenda.  The event is in the Crown Towers Casino/Resort.  Peter and I had arranged to meet Andrew (a local DE) and Nick (a local MVP) for dinner in the lobby of "the other" hotel.  Lessons learned :

  1. Apparently, my demo kit consisting a back pack and attache case cannot be carried through the casino floor
  2. Crown Towers Casino is a maze.  Ask for directions early and often
  3. Crown Casino security guards give all their directions so that you DON'T need to cross the casino floor.  This is counter intuitive to me since they work for the casino and the casino wants people on the floor gambling.  It is however, very responsible and that is to be admired.