I'd been wondering how quickly I could get the keynote demos setup if I REALLY had to.  I turns out, I can get washed, dressed, from my room to the keynote and set up the demos in 20 minutes.  Now I think that's impressive.  Let me explain.  My sleep patterns are completely destroyed.  I fall asleep at random times and cannot sleep when I'm supposed to.  I couldn't sleep the night before the Melbourne keynote so I sat up staring at the TV.  At SOME point I feel into a catatonic sleep not hearing either of the alarms going off by my head.

When my hotel roon phone woke me up I knew that I was probably late.  WHy else would someone call?  It turned out that it was 8:44am and I was VERY late.  Quite why noone called my room earlier is a mystery.  Still it gave me an opportunity to discover EXACTLY how quickly I could get dressed and get everything set up.  And that time is 20 minutes.  The person who called me later commended me on sounding so calm when I picked up the phone.  I figured everyone else would be panicking so it would be best if I appeared to have everything under control.

Second issue of the day was speaker related.  Eventually a trip like this will take it's toll on you physically.  It decided to take it's toll on both Robert and Scott simultaneously necessitating a visit to the doctor.  Rather than do time consuming tests, the doctor just prescribed a drug for each of the three possible conditions relating to the conditions.  Robert and Scott now rattle with pills but it looks like they're going to make it through.

Thank you to the 400 or so people who showed up to the event!  I hope you all took away how cool Windows Mobile 5.0 and Visual Studio 2005 are!  Unfortunately I won't be joining you in Sydney cos I'm off to MEDC CHina and the events are so close together it's physically impossible for me to get from SYdney to Beijing.  Since I've done one Australia event I figured I should go to Beijing and see our developers in China.