Flight Game Plan : Do some, work, watch a movie, stay awake.
Flight Number : CX134
Date : June 21st
Class Travelled : Cattle
In flight meal : Breakfast. Suspicious looking omletten and potatoes which ideclined to eat. Mopped up/croissant and packaged content e.g. Yoghurt.  Lunch : Option offered! Chose chicken and rice. Couldn't face salad or desert.

Number of book pages read (this flight/cumulative) : 0 / 135
Movie/PMC Hours Watched (this flight/cumulative) : 66m / 7h 52m
Flight Time (est/act) : 9h 25m / 9h 06m
Arrival Time (est/act) : 3:00pm / 3:07pm
Total Miles : 21584
Total Air Time : 35h 05m

Kept to Plan? : No. Slept sporadically, disturbed by little girl in seat in front of me who kept losing her bag down the side of her seat where only I could reach it.  Also, air hostess inexplicably woke me up more than once. Cathy Pacific have the smallest seats i've encountered on this trip to date.