Flight Game Plan : This is a LOOOONG flight.  Get home ... just get home!
Flight Number : UA888
Date : June 24th
Class Travelled : Cattle
In flight meal : Multiple.  Rice and fish.  Breakfast and another meal I think I slep through.

Number of book pages read (this flight/cumulative) : 49 / 184 (I finished the book)
Movie/PMC Hours Watched (this flight/cumulative) : 2h 30 / 11h 07m
Flight Time (est/act) : 11h 25m / 11h 55m
Arrival Time (est/act) : 8:40am / 9:17am
Total Miles : 28729
Total Air Time : 49h 58m

Kept to Plan? : Well, I didn't have a plan other than to get home.  I managed to exhaust nearly every battery powered device I carried!  iPod, laptop and PMC.  Fortunately I also had my trusty shuffle to keep me going.  I managed to sleep on and off.