Of course Murphy's Law had to come into play here.  I'm 678 miles from home.  The closest I've been in 3 weeks and - yup you guessed it - the incoming flight was badly delayed so my outgoing flight was delayed.  I was tired and looking forward to getting home, so the extreme security checks rather tried my patience.  Having already had my ENTIRE bag searched twice in China before I flew out, my demo bag was searched again while transferring from the incoming China flight to the outgoing Seattle flight.  I swear, the woman used about 15 of those explosive wipes on my demo bag.

Flight Game Plan : Try and sleep if possible.
Flight Number : UA558
Date : June 24th
Class Travelled : Cattle
In flight meal : Nuts and drinks ... declined.

Number of book pages read (this flight/cumulative) : 0 / 184
Movie/PMC Hours Watched (this flight/cumulative) : 0h 0m / 11h 07m
Flight Time (est/act) : 1h 50m / 1h 50m
Arrival Time (est/act) : 12:45pm / 1:53pm
Total Miles : 29407
Total Air Time : 51h 48m

Kept to Plan? : Having exhausted most of my battery powered devices and read my book, I spent this journey either snoozing or staring out of the window.  There are a lot of impressive mountains between San Francisco and Seattle with Mt Rainier being the king of them all!  And I'm talking single mountain peaks here, not amorphous ranges.