July, 2005

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    Write Once, Run Anywhere or just on your target device?

    News.com ran an interesting article yesterday http://news.com.com/Write+once%2C+run+anywhere+not+working+for+phones+-+page+2/2100-1037_3-5788766-2.html?tag=st.num . It looks at the promise of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" on the J2ME platform. My takeaway...
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    Should I go MP3?

    After going through hoops to get my music from iTunes into my Media Center UI it got me thinking about music formats. When I started with my iPod, I chose M4A because it enabled me to save space on my iPod. iTunes now has a facility to transcode songs...
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    Syncing Windows Media Player and iTunes

    Syncing Windows Media Player and iTunes We've talked about me being an iPod owner and we talked about me building a Media Center PC - we did talk about that right? Maybe not! Well that's the topic for another post but for now let's take a step forward...
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    Ask Microsoft : What are your burning questions about Windows Mobile development?

    If you subscribe to Pocket PC Magazine ( http://www.pocketpcmag.com ) you'll know that they have an Ask Microsoft column. Hal, from Thaddeus the publisher, has asked me to answer questions for this month's column on developing for Windows Mobile. I'm...
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    Windows Mobile Developers and Longhorn

    I started thinking about Windows Mobile developers in the context of Longhorn today. I'm assuming - and I don't know because it's a closely guarded secret even within Microsoft - that Longhorn will be released in the next couple of years. The first thing...
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    Teaching an Old Story New Tricks?

    I love to go to the cinema. It's safe to say that I'm pretty indiscriminate in my choice of films. I'm as likely to go and see something at one of Seattles many fringe cinemas as I am the latest blockbuster. This week I saw the latest blockbuster by which...
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    Bus Time = Blog Time

    You may have noticed that since my trip ended the frequency of my blog entries has dropped off a bit! Well, first I needed to take a little time off so I disconnected and spent the week after my return recuperating at home. Thankfully I now feel fully...
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