I'm hosting a panel this coming Friday (9/16) at PDC about "Future Directions in Mobile Device Hardware".  I have a panel of experts from both Microsoft and OEM partners including HP, Motorola and Lenovo.  We'll be covering both Tablet PC and Windows Mobile topics.

Rather than ask specific product questions, I'll be asking about hardware directions, industry challenges and the like.  For example :

"What is the biggest challenge you face in creating compelling mobile device hardware?" I"m aiming to get some discussion of usability as well as features v battery life.

""What's the most important area of technology innovation that will improve your products?" Trying to get discussion around technologues that will be important in the near to mid-term future.

"We're starting to see phone devices with 4 radios (cellular, wifi, gps, blue).  What's the next important innovation or adition to devices?"

"Do you think integrating 3D hardware into device platforms is important?"


So there's some of the questions I'll be asking around.  While I've got this panel of industry experts in device hardware and cellular comms together, what do you want to know about the future of mobile device hardware?