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  • Blog Post: Diversity Hiring Research – 5th March Digest

    Thought I would share some of the research I am collecting as I dig deep into diversity hiring – not my original work, but great resources: Feb27th: Hiring For Diversity How to Encourage Diversity Between Men and Women in the Workplace: Diversity includes all of the qualities that make us different...
  • Blog Post: hiring for gender diversity

    on the 1st of September 2012, I set myself the goal of hiring 50 of the best female engineers in Asia during the following year. The context is a chronic low ratio in the individual contributor and management population of my teams combined with a rapid rate of growth that allows for these positions...
  • Blog Post: What does work life balance really mean?

    most weeks I have a coaching session with a colleague or client that involves some discussion around their “work life balance” and what that really means so I will share here what I have learned and encourage you to contribute your own learning: but the most important thing is to understand...
  • Blog Post: 4 tips for how to give great review feedback

    It’s that time of year for many of us, when staff reviews are due. If like me, you are snowed under with requests for feedback – here are some thoughts on how to make the input you give great and the process as painless as possible for you! 1) Remember it is a privilege to [...]
  • Blog Post: Advocating: a leaders muscle

    It is an important challenge to address, and I’ve learned the hard way, that the most powerful advocate for the team is the Leader; the most likely to be out of touch with the will of the group is also me, the Leader. My enemy is my growing emotional intelligence, which will lull me into [...]
  • Blog Post: So you want to be a leader? Be an evangelist/enthusiast!

    Develop the habit of being all about what you stand for, what others can believe in. The bad habit is to be the critic who has become cynical – and can only be evaluated by all the things you are against, dislike or believe worthless. I would need a sociologist or behavioural physiologist to fully...
  • Blog Post: You’re too nice – and that’s a problem

    Develop a habit of shooting projects and ideas in the head not in the foot. It is not my job to be nice – it is my job to make good, clear decisions that further the interests of the business – yet so often I can be tempted with laziness and fear of failure dressed [...]
  • Blog Post: What does ‘Trust’ mean?

    Within the context of Leadership – trust means your actions are: Predictable, dependable, & repeatable As I look back on my own career, the consistent complaint is that I “randomize” the team – what they are telling me here is that I am “unpredictable” and no matter...
  • Blog Post: Supporting a new lead person (via Leadership Freak)

    Wonderful advice from Dan here on supporting a new lead Image source Little League International headquarters is in the community where I live. Every year, the nonprofit organization I lead participates with Little League’s Kid’s Day. It's held in the museum. Our volunteers set up a table with giveaways...
  • Blog Post: Osama, Obama, The USA and a parable of leadership

    THE PRESIDENT: Good evening. Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda, and a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Everything...
  • Blog Post: why change is the new normal

    I had the pleasure of listening to and be outraged by a cleric who opened his sermon “…over the course of several millennia, nothing has really changed, there has been no progress that is meaningful and man faces the same challenges today as he always has” The pleasure came from having such a provocative...
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