So I figured before I start actually posting some useful information I would just introduce myself first. I am a PFE (Premier Field Engineer) at Microsoft. My specialties are SharePoint (all flavors) and .net (mainly ASP.Net). My role basically, is to help with SharePoint related issues for clients of Microsoft Premier Support. This really falls into two main categories. Break/Fix (putting out fires), and Proactive (helping prevent fires). So on a weekly basis I definitely get to see new stuff (good and bad) all the time.

I figure this is a good place to start sharing my thoughts and experiences with MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) and other things. The first few posts are going to be on something I have worked with a lot lately. The Records Center service in MOSS. Lately I have been getting a flood of questions on it and figured it may be more helpful if I shared with everyone. So I will be posting on the steps necessary to get the Records Center working and providing some of the detail around the actual dependencies for getting up and running as well as the order in which to put these pieces in place.

More info on me (yeah, right I know, like your actually interested) can be found in my bio on the site.

Oh yeah, and wherever you are, welcome to where I am...