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April, 2006

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    Slides from my 2 day training course in Copenhagen

    Last year on short notice I pulled together a two day data mining training session for about 30 people in Copenhagen. I've been getting requests for slides "from my book" (and from other places), and since I never had any, I felt these would do. You can...
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    BI Training in LA towards the end of June

    MSEvents is hosting a hands-on lab in June where you can learn about BI for IT professionals. From this training (according to their site) you will learn how to create An Analysis Services cube A SQL Server 2005 Integration Services package SQL...
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    Managed Plug-ins at Last!

    For all those of you who have been waiting and waiting to implement your own data mining algorithms for SQL Server 2005, but didn't want to get into the complexity of writing C++ COM code - it's finally here! The Managed Plug-in API's are available as...
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    Predict based on rules alone

    I've been asked this question a few times and never thought of an answer until I was asked again today on the data mining newsgroups. We'll be posting a tip or trick on sqlserverdatamining.com on this, but since it's fresh in my mind I'll let everyone...
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