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August, 2008

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    KDD 2008 and Incredibly Awesome SQL 2008 Data Mining Demos

    Bogdan and Raman are currently outside of Las Vegas at the KDD 2008 (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) conference. At the conference they are showing all the goodness that is SQL Server 2008 Data Mining, but also a "secret project" that Bogdan has...
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    Time Series Reporting Stored Procedure - part 1 of 3

    Many people have been asking for complete coding samples involving data mining.  Also, many people have been frustrated trying to generate reports using time series predictions.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and create a sample...
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    Time Series Reporting Stored Procedure - part 2 of 3

    This post continues part 1 of the series . In this part of the series, I will walk through the code of the stored procedure and explain what it does and why - and maybe expound on what could be as well. First, when creating an Analysis Services stored...
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    Data Mining in the Cloud

    In case the title of my last post wasn't provocative enough, I'll post it again! Here's an excerpt "access the Table Analysis Tools for Excel 2007 by connecting to our hosted data mining service"... If you don't want to read the long-winded post and...
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