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October, 2008

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    Time Series Reporting Stored Procedure - Part 4 of 3

    OK, OK, I know it's just not right to do a part 4 of a three part series , but I've gotten enough demand to expand these stored procedures just a little bit. I casually left out a class of time series models that contain nested tables since it made things...
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    Support Vector Machines for SQL Server Data Mining

    Many have requested that we implement Support Vector Machines (SVM's) for SQL Server 2008, and for a wide variety of reasons, we just couldn't get to it.  Luckily the community has come to the rescue for those needing an SVM implementation today...
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    Getting Data Mining results into SQL Tables

    I've been seeing lots of questions about how to get data mining results into SQL tables. Most times the answers are "use the prediction query builder save button" or "build an SSIS package." Both of these have issues among them being that the former is...
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    Data Mining with SQL Server 2008

    Last week Bogdan and I went through the final steps in completing the SQL (sic) to the wildly popular "Data Mining with SQL Server 2005", cleverly titled "Data Mining with SQL Server 2008". We went through the final PDF's and signed off that the companion...
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