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  • Blog Post: New Cloud Data Mining Addin Usability Feature (well kind of)

    Bogdan did an awesome job putting together the modified Data Mining Addin for the cloud. We saw quite a few downloads of his new addin, but surprisingly and unfortunately, didn't see a lot of usage! Strange? Maybe. Bogdan thought about the issue for a while and from a few anecdotal comments determined...
  • Blog Post: Those kids won't eat anything!

    I did my BI Power Hour demo at PASS 2008 yesterday and it featured my twin boys Bowen and Logan. Logan (right) has an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) that limits his diet (no milk products, gluten, or soy) and Bowen has some sensory issues, but that doesn't explain their extreme pickiness with food. ...
  • Blog Post: Time's running out for your free data mining book!

    The survey is now closed. Thank you. Tomorrow is the last day you can fill out this survey for a chance to win one of ten copies of Data Mining with SQL Server 2008 . I used the the Data Exploration tool in the SQL Server 2008 Data Mining Client for Excel, and saw that it takes most people less than...
  • Blog Post: Data Mining in the Cloud

    In case the title of my last post wasn't provocative enough, I'll post it again! Here's an excerpt "access the Table Analysis Tools for Excel 2007 by connecting to our hosted data mining service"... If you don't want to read the long-winded post and just want to get the goods, go here
  • Blog Post: KDD 2008 and Incredibly Awesome SQL 2008 Data Mining Demos

    Bogdan and Raman are currently outside of Las Vegas at the KDD 2008 (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) conference. At the conference they are showing all the goodness that is SQL Server 2008 Data Mining, but also a "secret project" that Bogdan has been working on all summer - Data Mining in the Cloud...
  • Blog Post: Screencasts, more screencasts, plus some scripts.

    Oddly enough, this week was a banner week for data mining screencast references. I took some internal strategy training, and was asked by several attendees for links to the screencasts that I made (on the download page ) and received two (maybe three) independent requests for the scripts for those screencasts...
  • Blog Post: "Supercrunchers" and Microsoft Data Mining

    Ian Ayres, Yale Law school professor and author of SuperCrunchers , talks about data driven decisions and the Data Mining Addins in this Gartner podcast . He also mentions some other company, but we won't talk about them :) Give it a listen!
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