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  • Blog Post: The amazing flexibility of DMX Table Valued Parameters

    When most people think of “Table Valued Parameters” they think of “ possibly the most anticipated T-SQL feature of SQL Server 2008 .”  However, little may you know, that the Data Mining team added table valued parameters and table valued functions to DMX in SQL Server 2005 .  Not only has this...
  • Blog Post: Querying the Dependency Net

    OK, ok, so just yesterday I posted that it was easy to determine what queries were being used by the browsers to get the data underlying the view.  Of course it’s easy to get them, but without a teensy weensy bit of documentation, it’s not necessarily easy to understand what the parameters mean...
  • Blog Post: DMX Queries - the DataSource hole

    So many people have told me how much they like DMX - the fact that they can use a query language to create, train, and query mining models is simply unprecedented in the data mining world. And they love it. Until..... Until, that is, they decide to go whole hog on DMX and implement their entire...
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