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  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 and Analysis Services DMV's

    One of the cool new features coming in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services are Dynamic Management Views (DMV). Actually I never thought of them as DMVs coming from my background, but since everyone else calls them that, there's no reason we shouldn't either. So what are they and how did they come about...
  • Blog Post: BIDS Helper available on CodePlex

    Furmanng posted a set of utilities to CodePlex that help your OLAP development called BidsHelper . The features are directly integrated into BI Development Studio in toolbars and menus inside the Analysis Services designers. It currently has an aggregation manager, calc helpers, MDX Script deployment...
  • Blog Post: Awesome job op on the Analysis Services team

    Any readers out there that are awesome UI developers with strong ambition and experience shipping packaged software? It's been a few years since such an opportunity has come up - it fact, long before I became dev manager of the team, but now we are looking for a strong developer to come join our OLAP...
  • Blog Post: Free SQL Data Mining chapter from "Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005"

    Informit.com has made available a complete data mining chapter from Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005 . The co-author of the book, John Hancock, is a Microsoft Consultant out of Canada that I've had the pleasure to meet. He visited the Analysis Services team for a bit in what's...
  • Blog Post: Help with Time Series on OLAP - another great blog with SQL Server Data Mining

    Dejan Sarka writes about how to get " Cases from Multiple Dimensions of OLAP Cubes in the Time Series Algorithm " - an issue that has stymied many users. He also has a range of great posts on other DM and BI topics as well - worth a good read!
  • Blog Post: BI Training in LA towards the end of June

    MSEvents is hosting a hands-on lab in June where you can learn about BI for IT professionals. From this training (according to their site) you will learn how to create An Analysis Services cube A SQL Server 2005 Integration Services package SQL Server Reporting Services Report Decision Tree...
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