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  • Blog Post: Awesome job op on the Analysis Services team

    Any readers out there that are awesome UI developers with strong ambition and experience shipping packaged software? It's been a few years since such an opportunity has come up - it fact, long before I became dev manager of the team, but now we are looking for a strong developer to come join our OLAP...
  • Blog Post: Ooeeooeeoooo wah Wah wahhhhh, Banking and Jobs

    As the tumbleweeds drift through my lonely blog I decided to visit here again before the wake of progress reclaims these lost bits into oblivion. It's been interesting lately seeing the uptake of data mining throughout our customer and partner base - especially with the interesting questions that have...
  • Blog Post: Data Mining position available

    Ever have one of those situations where you feel like you need just the right person for the right job but you're not finding that person using the traditional means? Well I'm in that situation - I have an open position for a Software Development Engineer on the Data Mining team in SQL Server and if...
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