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Adventures in Visual Studio LightSwitch Extensibility and More

Please visit the LightSwitch Forums for asking questions about the product in general or extensibility. I am a very active user there, so I'll definitely be able to help you and hopefully help others in discovering the answers to your questions.
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    Visual Studio LightSwitch Is Launching July 26th!

    On July 26th, the release version of Visual Studio LightSwitch will be available. You can sign up here for updates about the launch of the product. You will also receive a weekly email as part of a six-week series about product features and tips on how...
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    Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2 Released!

    I’m a little late to the party, but better to show up late than never. I’m very excited that we have released Beta 2 of Visual Studio LightSwitch ! It even comes with a Go-Live license. It’s been very hard to keep our mouths buttoned up about when this...
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    Taking the Plunge

    A little about myself I’ve been working here at Microsoft for a little more than 2.5 years. In fact, I’ve been working for the LightSwitch team for that entire time! Prior to my employment at Microsoft, I worked for a small computer and software consulting...
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