So, I'm a linguist at heart.  Give me a sentence and I'll give you a syntactic and/or sematic breakdown for your viewing pleasure.  So, Fil sent around this article today and now I'm excited about linguistic search engines and corpora and everything.  I need a sentence to parse.

Seriously though, I often think about the relation to SR engines and syntactic / semantic grammars.  I don't know of any engines (aside from research ones) that actually consider straight syntactical information in their evaluation.  What people really want is a semantic engine.  They want to speak to the computer like they talk to you or I.  Who wouldn't?

If you like things like this as much as me (which is doubtful) then check out these fun places.  I won't tell.

Original article:

Linguist's search engine: - so you can look for things like <noun phrase> <verb phrase> instead of specific words

Language Log: - a blog for linguistics!  My life is complete.