A few weeks ago, I was asked to speak about what blogging means to me at Microsoft. It's part of a women's luncheon for my division and the overall goal is to tell people about different types of community involvement.  It reminded me of how long it has been since I've actually written here.  I'm constantly taking notes of neat Speech/ voice/ linguistic related things on my computer with the intent of later publishing it here. I see this blog as a way to write out my thoughts about these areas and how they relate to the current work that I do.  Almost everyday it seems I find out some other neat tidbit.

I just returned from a recruiting trip for Microsoft. It's my second campus trip and I cant oxen begin to explain the renewed energy it gives me for my job here at Microsoft and for Microsoft's future. There are some amazing college students out there with a tremendous amount of potential. I'm proud to be able to talk to these individuals about technology, their future and the future of Microsoft. I think it is such an amazing opportunity.