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About Janne Mattila's blog


About Janne Mattila's blog

About during years 2006-2010:
I'm Senior Consultant at Microsoft Services in Finland. I'm a guy who really likes programming over everything. It's the most loveable hobby and over the years it has come my work too. In this blog I'm going to write something about my spare time projects and of course something about my work projects as well. My work is mainly MOSS consulting, so you could expect some MOSS stuff every now and then. But my blog will be probably quite weird, since I will jump from one topic to another with every post. I'll write about subjects that is somehow interesting to me at the time. And of course that changes a lot! I'll let you decide if it's good or bad.

About 2014->
I'm Capability Architect at Microsoft IT in Finland. I'm still into programming and I'm still going to bore people with my blog :D

Anyways... Happy hacking!